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We're the cheeky #unts!

Unts are the most fair dinkum generated NFTs on the Cardano chain! They're 100% bogan and cuter than ya Mum's sista!

Pre Sale: October 21st, 9am UTC
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Public Sale: October 22nd, 9am UTC
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Best of all we're aiming to raise $100,000 AUD for Aussie wildlife charities!


The #unts are coming...

Get your wallet ready, 8888 little #unts will soon be released into the wild. Join us on Discord or follow us on Twitter to find out when the drop is coming.

Fraser Island
Bush Fire
Bondi Beach
Southern Cross Stars
Melbourne Cricket Ground
Melbourne City Circle Tram
Sydney Opera House

Spit it Out / FAQ

8888, because that’s how many cylinders my Ute has.
25ADA, cheap as chips!
October 21st - Early Access(Community), October 22nd - Yobo Sale(Public).

Unts come in from a breeding stock of 22m possible combinations. Some are as common as Dingoes, some are extinct like the Tasmanian Tigers and can only be found stuffed in a museum.

  • True Blue (Common)
  • Ripper (Uncommon)
  • Gnarly (Rare)
  • Bloody Legend (Legendary)
NFI, it’s totally random ya galah.
Unlike most NFT projects we actually made all this shit from scratch! Each Unt is handcrafted as a 32x32 GIF, then enlarged to 256x256. All are animated and randomly generated from 10 properties, giving us a farktonne of combinations.
One with lots of ADA in it preferably. Yoroi, Nami, Daedalus, Adalite. ⚠ Do not send any funds from exchange wallets ⚠
Ethereum fees are totally rooted...tell Vitalik he’s dreaming. And like all Aussies, we’re sick of mining destroying the environment.
Bush Fire Koala