We’re the Cheeky Unts!

Unts are the most fair dinkum generated NFTs on the Cardano chain! They're 100% bogan and cuter than ya Mum's sista!

We’re building a web3 gaming arcade and saving wildlife around the world along the way.

Second hand Unts & Doggos available on jpg.store

Season One , Season Two & Chains on Dogs


Cheeky Unts was founded by Bitgem, a game development & art studio with over 15 years of industry experience. We've worked directly with game studios and mainstream blockchain projects like Decentraland (Vegas City) and The Sandbox.


2021 Oct - Dec

Cheeky Unts - Season One

Minted 4,444 Cheeky Unts for season one “Road Trip” and donated $50,000 AUD.


Airdrops for Holders

We’re always rewarding Unt holders with random airdrops, and we have no plans to stop!


Pimp My Unt

Stay active in our community to score your very own fully-customised Unt!


Wicked Unts

Airdropped 222 Wicked Unts to the Cheeky Unts community for Halloween, 100% free!

Festive Unts

1,200 Festive Unts with 12 special backgrounds. Collect a full dodecaptych set!

Steve Irwin Day Raffle

Raffle to raise funds for Steve Irwin Day with tons of prizes for our community!

Ethermobs x Cheeky Unts

First major collab saw free airdrops for holders of Cheeky Unts and Ethermobs NFTs.

2022 Jan - Jun


An exclusive club is about to open for only the most stylish and luxurious unts. To be considered “swanky” enough, an unt needs to be sporting a limited-edition outfit inspired by the hottest designs in the CNFT space.

H.Y.P.E. Skulls x Cheeky Unts

The first Swanky Unts collaboration will see the emergence of HypeUnts!

aeoniumsky x Cheeky Unts

Round two of Swanky Unts to enter the changeroom will come out as aeoniumsky Unts!

Happy Hopper x Cheeky Unts

You'll be hopping mad if you miss out on a Hopper Unt.

Pub Crawl - Season Two

Dropping 28th of May, 4444 new Unts from around the globe!

2023 and Beyond

Private Alpha

Backed by a team with legit game development experience, we're going to build some ripper experiences for you Unts!

Our Mission

Save Fluffy and Scaly Wildlife

Our donations

Play for Fun, Play to Win

Games Arcade

Adopted Koala - Karri

Australian Koala Foundation
1st October 2021

Adopted Koala - Jimmie

Australian Koala Foundation
1st October 2021

Adopted Wombat - Mr Mittens

Wombat Awareness Organisation
14th October 2021

Donated $25,000 AUD

Australian Koala Foundation
5th November 2021

Donated $25,000 AUD

Wombat Awareness Organisation
5th November 2021

Donated $2,500 AUD

Wildlife Warriors, in honor of Steve Irwin Day
15th November 2021

Team Unt

These are the unts behind the Unts. Cheeky Unts shares founders with Bitgem and a few ring-ins who set out to create fun art, give back to great causes and build a sustainable and scalable business model.

Jason (King Unt)


Project Lead


Matt (Pixel Unt)


Lead Artist

Bitgem 3D

Lance (Dev Unt)

United States

Lead Dev

Lance Snider

Gaurav (Py Unt)


ML Engineer


Keanen (Sonk)




Bradford (Covey)

United States

Social Media