All Aussie RoadmapCheeky Unts Roadmap

💰 Our goal is to raise and donate $100,000 AUD for Wildlife Conservation in Australia.

🤼 We can only do this with your help by selling all the Unts! So join us on Twitter & Discord and help us build an army of Unt supporters.

Season One - Road Trip

It's time we educated you, tourists, by taking you on a road trip around Australia, visiting some iconic locations along the way. We'll be indulging in some local customs, so bring your drinking shoes and some sunscreen as it's about to get hot as f#ck.

  • Only 8888 Unts will be minted.
  • All unique, animated and procedurally generated.
  • Mega cute & cheeky 32x32 pixel art scaled up to 256x256.

Post Season One

  • Rarity tools and other cool shit, right here on this site.
  • Competitions & giveaways.
  • Collaborations with any sick #unts that wants to work with us.

Season Two - Pub Crawl

If you thought season one was fully sick, the Pub Crawl will be a bloody belter! We're planning to go entirely over the top with this season. New locations, new art, airdrops for season one holders. More details posted after season one drops.

Post Season Two

Who knows what the future holds 🔮 but as we're 3d artists and game developers when we're not pretending to be pixel artist, maybe, just maybe we'll make a game or something that close to impossible.

P.S. If for some sad reason we only sell 50% of the Unts, we'll have to 🔥burn🔥 the rest of those cute little Unts and donate a measly $50k 😿 - you get the idea.